Tuesday, April 14

The Final Cut

Ok, ok . . so, I finally had to do it.

I didn't want to.

It made me so sad.

I pouted.

Ughh . . . he's 17 months, so I guess it was all in due time.

But, I really REALLY didn't want to . . .
just looks at those beautiful, adorable curls!!!!

The last straw (for Tim):
We were at a restaurant, and the waiter looked at James stuffing food in his face (as he usually does) and made this comment;
"Well, we definitely know that your daughter loves the food!"

. . so, here's James now. . . .

stupid waiter


Libby said...

AWWWWW! The curls are gone! He looks really cute though! James is such a sweetie, stupid waiter! Loved reading the post though, you have a real knack for writing!

Susie said...

He looks very handsome!