Wednesday, September 3

. . . some more

Peter was eating his dinner, and I was feeding James, with my back to Peter.
Peter: "Look Mom. . . .look at my spoon!"
(I assumed he licked it off)
Mom: "Great Peter! Did you lick it clean?"
(Peter stares at his spoon still with food on it)
Peter: "No. . . .but I did lick it dirty!!!"

Peter: "Mom, you like songs!"
Mom: "Yes, Peter, I sure do!!!"

Peter and I have a bad habit, biting our nails and our mouth.
Peter: "Mom, did you BITE your lips?"
Mom: "No, Peter, I didn't"
Peter: "Yes you did. . .your lips are all red."
Mom: "Peter. . . . that's lipstick."
Peter: "Oh."

Peter: "MOM. . .MOM. . . .Tea starts with 'T'!!!!!"

On our way to TN, we rented a car, unlike the conversion-van for our MN trip.
Peter: "Are we taking a macation-van??"
Mom: "No, Pete, sorry. . .not on this trip. It's just a little vacation this time"
. . .later as we were packing in the car to leave. . . .
Peter: "Oh. . . .this is our macation-CAR!!!"

Peter was acting out and beginning to get out of control with his bad behavior, so I said to him,
Mom: "Excuse me, Peter, how old are you?"
. . . cleverly thinking that he would realize his age and know how to behave correctly, he replied. . .
Peter: "Um. . . . . 1."


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Oh, the favorite out of Lil lately is:

"Look Mommy, Ratatootie!!"