Monday, September 22

What We Did. . . .while waiting

This is what we did (all week!) at our In-Laws house, while we waited for our electricity to come back on.
James, slept (on his back . . . rare!) And played mostly in his playpen. Tim, watched TV, or watched a movie from our house (they didn't have cable for the first few days) Peter, plated with the grandparents, read, did puzzles, played games and watched DVDs. And I. . .got to READ! It was great! I was able to catch up on two Bible Study guides!

Here's us taking a walk. It was a little brisk outside, but we had so much fun. This was our first 'scare' with Peter handling James. Pete went down a small slide at the park, and we handed him James (between his legs) and told him to hold on real tight, which he did until about half way down, and then he suddenly let go and I tried to catch him in mid-air, but was only able to grab his head so that he was able to flip completely over, and not on his neck. That was interesting. So, here is the picture of James, happy, before his torment and before his bruised head!