Wednesday, September 24

Fall Drinks

I am in LOVE with this season, my absolute favorite. So, when Autumn starts showing its face, I start cooking and baking all my favorite fall recipes. One thing that has been very good tasting is simply adding a DASH OF PUMPKIN SPICE AND NUTMEG to your coffee grounds before brewing. This way, you get a hint of that pumpkin pie taste, without having to pay a $$$ at a local coffee shop. Also, I like to have my caffeine in the morning and my decaf coffee at night. I buy the expensive regular, so my decaf is usually generic. To spruce this up, I simply ADD A CINNAMON STICK to my decaf. For a regular cup, add before pouring, for instant crystals, I add it before putting it in the microwave. You can also add about a TABLESPOON OR TWO OF CIDER to your coffee for a little flavor. It's perfect for a Fall evening!