Tuesday, September 2

TN Trip

Kimberly and I got an opportunity to go to TN and sing at a church, where a couple producers attend. Kimberly sings at the Tennessee Horse-Show every year, which is located close to this church. It was such a neat experience! I played a piano solo and accompanied Kimberly for 3 more songs (2 of them our own). Kimberly, later visited in the homes of some of the producers and gave them a copy of our C.D. We also sold a few after the church service on Sunday. It really was an honor.

Satan was really trying to make this a hard trip for us. We had a 'emergency potty stop' on the side of a highway, for Peter, in the middle of the woods. We had a small blowout with James at one of the rest stops. And then, after we got into our hotel, settled and ready for bed, Tim couldn't find our 'dress' clothes for the next day (forgot them at home) so I made a run to Walmart at midnight, for a dress. Thankfully, I had my shoes/accessories and the kids clothes packed already.

The kids in Tennessee. We all went out to eat after the church service.

We tried to get in a couple of shots before it poured down rain. . .it was starting to sprinkle here. . . .

Don't worry . . we brought James, he was just in the car sleeping.

Tim and I in front of the restaurant in Shelbyville, TN.
Here's my Walmart bargain dress. $17.00 . . . . not a bad deal for a cute black dress!!!