Tuesday, September 16

Slight Delay

We are currently without electricity and have been since Sunday. My in-laws have graciously let us stay with them (24/7), to which we are so very thankful. They ended up not loosing power, but have lost phone service and internet service frequently. It has been somewhat of a pain, but we are really having a good time here!
We did have a large tree (our beautiful cherry blossom) fall in the storm, but no real damage to our house or vehicles, which is a real blessing, seeing that some of our neighbors had a lot worse of a turn out. We are missing some shingles off our roof (OH NO. . .not another roofing problem!!!) Which we hope will be fixed easily, seeing that if we needed another roof, this would be our 4th one in 6 years! Ahhh!
Peter and James are also safe and loving ALL of this time at Grandma and Grandpa's house! We have enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Tim and I packed up all of our frozen and refridgerated items and brought them over here. Thankfully, my Mother-in--law has 3 freezers!!! I have been able to make dinner each night and absolutely love cooking for 6 people! Who would have known! :0)
I do have pictures, but not the time right now to post them. . .as the internet may cut out, here, at anytime!
Anyway, I will try to keep everyone updated when I can. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! Also, please remember those in TX, who have it far worse than we do here in Ohio!


Erika :-) said...

Hi Tim and Steph! This is Joe...
I am wokring 3rd shift this week, so if you guys need any yard help with the tree etc... let me know and I can come over during the day.