Wednesday, October 7

Christmas List . . part 1

Peter has recently become VERY excited for Christmas . . mostly due to his Mommy playing Christmas songs all day long, and also partly due to all of the local stores displaying and decorating for Christmas already.

The other day, he decided, on his own, that he really should start writing out his Christmas List out for Santa. Now, when I say 'writing out' - I actually mean 'drawing'. . it has taken us about 2 years to get this kid to draw something! NOT because he couldn't . . but because he never thought it looked good enough. For example - He would draw a face and then cry because it wasn't round enough! Oi . . . . it was interesting. But, FINALLY - he is now interested and loves to draw things, pictures and his own Christmas List.

This kid could SPELL WORDS before he had any interest in drawing! - something is WRONG with this picture!

So, here is ONE list (out of many, I'm sure - to come!):

If you look in the far left corner - what looks like a Bee - it is actually 'Bumble Bee' from Transformers.

Yes, yes . . my child who is afraid of COOLWHIP - saw and loved the Transformers movie.

(now, we didn't let him watch all parts of the movie - but he LOVED it!)


Chloe and Libby said...

Peter is such a smart boy! I loved Transformers too! The second one not as much as the first. Anyway, I was just thinking of you the other day Steph, cause I was saying how it is the "Ber" months, and Tim used to always say you play Christmas Music once the Bers get here. :) I sure do miss my work partner, boo hoo!
Hope you guys are doing well, also Jonathan has already started his list as well. He asked me what I thought about putting 500 dollars on an itunes card, yep, I gave him that same crazy look that probably just came across your face too. haha! Then he asked about something simple like some legos, easy kid he is.