Monday, October 12

B&B ~ Day 2

We had the option of having breakfast ready for us at 8:30 or at 9:30. Tim and I looked at each other and both said "9:30!!!"
We had heard that the older couple wanted to have their breakfast earlier this morning - but we also learned that the younger couple (who have young children) picked the later time as well. The Lord had BIG plans for us, and this was just ONE sign of His Grace to us this weekend.
We had a lazy morning, knowing that breakfast wasn't until later, we got to sleep in . . I read, knitted some more and took a nice (LONG) hot shower . . . and went to the bathroom without ANY intreruptions. That does NOT happen at home, by any means.
We met up with the older couple just as they were heading out, Tom (the husband) gave me his business card and told us that if we were ever in the Dellaware area, or closer to Columbus, to give them a visit.
Tim and I sat down for breakfast - and at this particular Inn, they like to purposefully 'pair' you with the other couples in the Inn. So we got to enjoy our first breakfast with Todd and Tanya.
The breakfast menu this morning consisted of. . . . . . . .
Pumpkin Spice Muffins
Breakfast Suffla with Spinach and Squash
Pear Ginger Pancakes with Brandied Pear Syrup
Hot Coffee
Cranberry Juice

Delicious is such an UNDERSTATEMENT when it comes to this breakfast!! Truly a delight!

We started eating between 9:15/9:30 and started right up with a great conversation with Todd and Tanya. We learned that they too had two children (a little bit older than ours) and went to a similar church like we do. And then, one by one we went around the table and gave our testimony. This does NOT happen to Tim and I, ever - on a regular basis or irregular basis. We talked about our favorite scripture verses, ones that have helped our own Spiritual growth, ones that have helped us with parenting and those that have guided our thoughts and actions while witnessing to others. Long story short, when we started to 'wrap things up' it was 1:00 IN THE AFTERNOON! I thought praying with them over breakfast was fantastic . . .this was incredible! I really never expected this, at all.

Tim and I had scheduled a Couple's Massage at 5:00, so I thought that we could cram in a million different things and get back to our cabin by the time Kim would come over to give us our massages. NO SO! In fact, about a third way into the driving around town, I barely got the words, "If you want to just turn around and. . . ." OUT - before Tim turned the car around and headed back to our cabin. It was taking WAY to long to drive to all of the 'happening' places, and I wanted to get another awesome nap in before dinner.
Since we had talked so long with our new-found friends, we completely forgot about lunch. So, we decided that we would eat at a 'Ma & Pa' restaraunt and decide later if this meal would be lunch or dinner.

Turns out it was a late LUNCH! . . . . and a very GOOD one, at that!

We went back to our just relaxed, started a great fire in the fireplace in our cabin, read our books and listened to music (which they provided). It was very romantic!

Kim - our Massouse - came around 5:30 - Tim went first (it was his first massage ever!) and he was like jello afterwards, then I went and we had a lovely talk with Kim. She was wonderful! We were both VERY relaxed.
Tim's parents surprised us with a tray full of chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider. What sweet treat for us!

We went out later, for dinner. It was a pretty 'late' dinner, too. I think we didn't eat until 8:30/9:00, but again - a small chain always has the BEST food - and it was GOOD!

We headed back to our cabin and saw 6 deer on the way! Three of them were running along side of our car . . . for at least a half of a mile. It was amazing!!!!

After my first attempt of starting a fire . . .and Tim, having to REstart it . . I started to doze off, so I headed to bed and slept like a LOG! (no pun intended)