Sunday, October 11

B&B ~ Day 3

Our last morning here . . . . totally bummed out that we are leaving so 'early' . . . even though, this is the LONGEST that we have been away from BOTH boys at the same time. . . it seemed like a minute!
We (as in I) got up around 8:30 (which is TOTALLY sleeping in for me!) and started to pack. Took another hot shower, put things away, tidyed up a bit, got Tim up, we finished packing and headed to breakfast.

This morning we enjoyed . . . . .
Chocolate Cherry Muffins
Herbed Scrambled Eggs with Tomato Basil Sauce
Stuffed Baked Cream French Toast with Roasted Pears
Hot Coffee
Cranberry Juice

DELICIOUS - again! Nothing short of it!

We had another wonderful conversation with Todd and Tanya, finishing in the parlor. Todd wanted to hear me play the piano, so they finished up packing and met us in the Main Hall. He told me some of his favorite Christian Contemporary songs and I would play them (as best as I could) and we just really got to enjoy each other's company.

We had to check-out at 11:00, but promised the Inn owners - as well as Todd and Tanya, that this would become an annual visit. It's only 2 1/2 hours away . . . we don't have to rent a car - the scenery was breathtaking and since they come THIS weekend, every year - we would be sure to visit with them again. We said our goodbyes and they took a picture of all 4 of us together (to come soon!) and then we exchanged information and promised to keep in touch.

Tim and I had a shorter ride home, mostly in silence. We were spent. I think more emotionally than physically, but it was a good 'spent'. Kind of like the one after a 'high' . . . . like a retreat or camp.

Here are some pictures of our stay at the White Oak Inn

Our Cabin:

Our Bedroom:

Our Tub:

Our Living Area:

The View from The Back Porch:

Our Bathroom/Closet/Hallway:

The Cabins:

More pictures around the Inn . . .
trust me - they don't do justice to the beautiful fall colored leaves . . they were stunning!

A couple pictures - just the tip of the iceberg - of our sights on the way home

Just a gorgeous house . . one, of many - we saw on our travels.

**By the way . . . Tim and I found out later, that the reason Todd and Tanya excused themselves from dinner, was because - after finding out that we were Christians - they went to the back, talked and prayed if this would be God's timing in them asking us to share our testimony to the other couple sitting with us. How cool is that!?! Turns out, it wasn't in His plan - but still so cool knowing that THAT was in their thoughts and prayers for this other couple!


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had such a good time! glad you got to get away! how nice!