Thursday, October 29

Bossy Boy

Peter: James, please be quiet.
James: Blahahallalalhahah
Peter: JAMES - please stop talking!
James: alalalllaaalalaa
Peter: Daddy, James is not being quiet like I asked him to.
Daddy: That's probably because your not his parent.
Peter: (looks at James, really closely) James, PLEEEASE shut it and be quiet, . . . for a long time
(James: aahhhh, ahahah,. . . )
Peter: ZIP IT . . lock it and give me the KEY!
James: Oh-tay. (hands his a 'key')


Chloe and Libby said...

How sweet!!!!
Just wait, soon though, James will respond, you're not the boss of me Peter!
Then the real parenting fun begins!!! LOL!