Wednesday, October 8

What are you, 20?

Peter, James and I went over to Becky's to help out with the boys and some meals. While we were there, Peter had a blast with his two best friends!! They did everything together, so it was a good and productive day (plus it wore him out for bed time that night!)

Here's the conversation on our way home in the car. . . .
Peter: Mom, I want to play I-Spy
Mom: Ok.
Peter: I spy. . . . .something red
Mom: Oh, that sign
Peter: CORRRRRRECT! Ok, your turn!
*now, I was having a hard time in finding something with color, since it was so dark out, so I had been using the color green for most of my 'turns', because of the stop lights
Mom: I spy something GREEN!
Peter: Ohhhh, I'm kind of tired of that color
Mom: (laughing), Ok, Peter. . .then YOU go!
Peter: Um, I spy, something YELLOW
Mom: The lines on the roads!
Peter: Oh, WOW. You're right!!! (then he makes a noise like a bell, like on a game show)
Mom: I spy something red. . .
Peter: Um. . . . .oh boy, this is a hard one.
*not finding anything
Mom: How about that sign over there, in the lights? (it looked orange because of the darkness of the sign)
Peter: Not quite. That's red, Mommy! Good try, though!

I'm sorry, I thought my oldest was 3 . . not 20! What in the world!?!?!