Wednesday, October 29

Assurance in a Fallen World

In my Thursday morning Bible Study, we are talking about 'obvious sin' and how some of the Old Testament king's just were NOT 'getting it'! They would see the very hands of God move within their land and still refuse His word and His commands. To the point that most of them would die or were killed because of their blatint sin. We also talked about how the only Great Judge is God, and that we are not to fear men. I had, then mentioned the story about the man that approached Tim and I in the parking lot of a local grocery store. I knew that I did not have to answer to this man, that I only had to answer to MY God, the real Judge. That my fear of man was silly and insinificant, and that worrying about going out into public only makes my life miserable, something that I can control with the Lord's leading. Then, a wise women in our study spoke and said "What a blessing for that man to be there at that time, and to know that the Lord had already worked out how that moment would happen, with your words and actions, so that this man would be able to see Christ through you and Tim"
I had never thought about this story being written before time began. I KNOW that's what happened, but I usually think of things 'being planned before time' when it comes to things like a new babies, weddings and things with more of a positive look to them, so I had never thought of it with something like percecution. It's very true, though. That thought really gave me a peace of mind and a re-assurance that NOTHING happens without my God's permission and authority to do so.
This led me to my second thought. . . with this election coming up. It's amazing that we, as a country, have forbidden spanking in certain counties and have regulations for parents on how to discipline. However, we will kill babies before they are even given a chance at life. Obama is willing to sign any vote for abortion of any kind, and for that reason, and many others, I choose McCain.
Here is a video of just this topic, both candidates are being interviewed by Rick Warren, a Chrsitian Author. Watch and Learn the truth!


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Great post.

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stephany, thank you for this post. its beautiful, and so are you, on the inside and the out.