Saturday, October 11

Cool Clean-Up Day

So, FINALLY, Kettering came to our neck of the woods to clean up all of the debris and large limbs from storm Ike. So, of course, this was up Peter's alley!!! He and I sat in our front yard, a couple feet away from all of the action. . .it was super cool. Peter waved at all of the workers as they drove by, and they all waved back. I think after a while, they were doing 'cool' things with their bulldozers just for Peter! It was really neat!

then. . . . Baby James woke up. . I brought him outside and he was amazed (I think from the loud noises coming from the trucks more than the sight of them)
Now, usually James is completely terrified of the grass and the feel of it, but as soon as he saw Peter sitting on it, and not being bothered, the less James was bothered. We had a lot of fun!