Wednesday, October 22

My Guy, the thinker!

A conversation between Peter and I, in the car, on our way to a store (hopefully not for round 2 of inappropriate harrassment from strangers). . .

Peter: Mom??
Mom: Yes, Peter.
Peter: Can we go backwards??
Mom: No Peter. . . .
(looking at this as a learning opportunity)
Mom: Do you know why we can't go backwards?
Peter: No. . .why?
Mom: Because everyone else is going forwards, and if we went backwards, we would hit somebody.
Peter: OH! But, if we were in the sky, then we could go backwards!
Mom: Yes, Peter, that's correct. If we were in the sky, we could go backwards.
Peter: And, we wouldn't hit a car!
Mom: Yes, I can PROMISE you that, if we were in the sky, we would NOT hit a car.
Peter: Yeah (a look of confidence), 'cause that's the RULES!


DrMommy said...

Christmas music ALREADY, crazy lady?? Can we get through Halloween first?? ;-)