Monday, March 3

Peter's 3rd Birthday Party!

Today, my little guy had his birthday party and is turning 3 on Tuesday! I can't believe how fast this went. It makes me sad to think how quickly he has grown, but it thrills my heart to see him doing it so well. He is so smart and I get such wonderful compliments about his manners and how polite he is, and that just makes me that much more proud of him. Peter wanted a Pixar Cars theme birthday party. So, we shopped around, for the best deals at the best stores and tried our best to make it a day that he'll remember. He had 7 friends (all around 2 yrs. old) and 3 soon-to-be baby friends (Charlie, Riley and James). He had both sets of grandparents there and his Uncle Dave and Aunt Caralee. His favorite 'grown-up' friend, Josh King, and his soon-to-be-expecting wife, Sami were also there to help celebrate. He had a blast! He was so overwhelmed that we could NOT get him to eat. . .and that's saying something, because this kid is about to eat us out of house and home! Tomorrow, he'll wake up to all new toys and it will be like his birthday party all over again. Tim and I stayed up late to put together most of his toys and we saved some of them for Tim to put together with Peter in the morning. (gotta love second shift!) This was a birthday to remember, thanks to all of our good friends and family for making this day so special for him!


Susan Galvin said...

What a fun party! The girls were wiped out when we got home -- they had SUCH a good time. They can't wait to get home from school today so they can play with their goodie bags!

The baby was wiped out by the excitement I think, too -- he slept 4 1/4 hours straight!!

RDC Mom said...

I've got some picts from the shall I send them to you!

You guys throw a mean one! We had a great time!