Monday, March 17

Sunday School Blues

The week that Peter turned 3, he graduated to his 'big boy' Sunday School class, where he will now have two teachers, a snack, a Bible story, craft and a singing time. Last Sunday he walked right up to his old Nursery Room and handed his cup to a worker and said 'Here I am!'. The worker explained to Peter that he was TOO old to be in the nursery anymore and that because he turned 3, he gets to be in the other class room. Peter looked at her and told her that he was 2, so that he could go back in there. I looked at him and said "Peter, how old are YOU?", while he lowered his head and replied "Three." He started getting all pouty until I told him that his favorite 'girl friend' was going to be in his class, and then he shot down the hallway. Well, now we can all see who he takes after now, can't we???


SG said...

I have to know. Who is his favorite girlfriend? Do I need to be worried?? ;-)