Friday, March 7

Peter turns 3!!!

My sweet first born babe turned 3 years old this month!

I teasingly told my husband, "I'm too young to have a 3 year old!" This was an interesting day. . .we happened to schedule our picture day on a snowy/winter storm. Not only that, but I still thought that this picture place was IN the mall, and it wasn't. . .it was outside in a Outdoor 'Village' building. So, after walking through the mall and discovering our little problem, we then had to walk outside in the windy snow and go across the street to another building, with me holding Peter, while my face is freezing and barely being able to see, and with Tim walking the stroller with James in it across the unshoveled streets. . .it was quit an experience! We made it, and the boys did beautifully and the pictures turned out great!