Friday, March 28

Reading Riot

Before Peter's nap (or bedtime), he is allowed to read a certain amount of books, which we call 'Quiet Time'. Now, when I say 'read' I really mean, he looks at pictures, turns pages and sometimes will read a story aloud to a stuffed animal, if he knows it well enough. So, the other day, around his usual nap time, I asked him to go have some quiet time before his nap. He looked at me with this distraught look upon his face and said to me, "MOM! I don't KNOW HOW TO READ WORDS YET!!!!" I was shocked! I figured he got so upset because he has been learning his letters, and each day, Peter and I go through a different letter, and we use it through-out the day. He must now realized that those letters are going together to make words and he doesn't know how to read them all yet. So, we have now switched our 'reading time' to just 'book time'.

MILESTONE: Peter can now spell his name! Pretty good for a little boy who just turned 3!