Tuesday, February 26

Tasty Treat

Tonight, while I was getting Peter ready for bed, he and I started to play and tickle each other. Nothing different than what we usually do to help unwind and get that last little bit of energy out of him, so that he's good and sleepy by the time his 'quiet time' (reading in bed) is done and it's time to tuck him in. There's a bit that I do, (and I'm sure most of you moms have done before) where I pretend to 'eat' him up. I usually put my lips over my teeth and go up and down his arms as though they were ears of corn. Well, tonight, for some reason, he didn't care for it. After I started pretending to eat him, he stopped me and said "Mommy, stop it. . .I'm not lunch!!"


Becky :) said...
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Becky :) said...

So funny!