Thursday, February 7

Say Your Prayers!

Every night Peter kneels on his knees and says his 'Night-Night' Prayers with either Tim or I. He usually thanks God for his toys, trucks, trains or pretty much anything that he loves and plays with daily. Today was a bad day in the potty-training field. Ever since he was hospitalized because of a viral infection he had, last October, he has not totally gone back to 'normal' with potty-training. So, today, he had two accidents in his pants. We have tried various punishments for him doing his 'business' in his pants, rather than the potty. He totally does this on purpose, as he goes and hides to do this. Our most recent punishment was a suggestion from a friend of ours, who tried giving her son a 'cold shower' after his accidents. We had to do that, unfortunately, twice today. So, while saying his night-night prayers tonight, he prayed "Dear Jesus, thank you for my blanket and for me staying dry and for WARM showers, AMEN"


Lizzy said...

lol. :o) You know, Susan had a cool insight about the way we are sometimes with God. We also have "accidents" on purpose and hide in another room so God won't find us. . . It made the Sunday School room crack up, but it's so true. :o)