Monday, February 18

Lost in Translation. . .

Here are some words or phrases, and how Peter has translated them. . .

Piano: 'Prianio'
Bulldozer: 'Bull-bozer'
Rhinoceros: 'Rhinarus'
Juice: 'Da-Juice'
'I have a running nose': "I have a vripy nose"

'Please may I get up': "Please, may I have a get up" Daddy: "No Peter, 'please MAY I GET up", Peter: "Please, have a get up, please" Daddy "No. . .not 'have a' get up, JUST 'get up'" Peter: "Please, may I have a get up, please please" Daddy: "Oh, forget it"

My friend, Kimberly, has twin boys, Ross & Dylan. Peter likes to play with them, but gets them confused, seeing as they are identical twins. So, a while ago, at their birthday party, Peter got my attention by saying "Look Mommy, there's TWO Ross'!!!"