Tuesday, February 19

Peter & Daddy

For those who may not have heard yet, Tim was recently switched to second shift. Which, at the beginning, Tim was more upset about this sudden change than I was. Then a week went by with him on this new shift, and now I hate it, and it doesn't bother him that much anymore. The major 'con' for me is that I now have two kids from 2:30 on until bedtime, dinner included (without Daddy there). It's the pits having no hubby at home during the evening, but we are all adjusting here. The huge 'pro' of this, however, is I get to wake up (and sometimes sleep in!!!!) to Tim every morning and he gets to play with the kids at the peak of their day! So, here's a couple of pictures of Tim and Pete messing around. Tim is REALLY enjoying this, and even though it IS a sacrifice, on both of our parts, I'm happy to make the adjustment if it means that Tim gets to have more time with the boys here at home just for a simple shift change. God has so many blessings for us, but sometimes we just don't see them right away!