Wednesday, June 24

Update On Our Silliness

James now knows all of the animal sounds, and if we throw in a tricky one (like, "What does a giraffe say?") he'll answer 'Moooo'!

Peter and James are playing trains together, all of a sudden Peter breaks out with . . .
"Dad . . . I think we have a sleepy little boy here!!!"

We all l have colds now, so the medicine is constantly flowing out of our cabinet.
Mom: Do you know when the last time you had medicine was?
Peter: I think it was Friday, or something.

Mom: PETER! Stand by the door. . . I'm tired of telling you!!
Peter: Stop, Mom . . you are freaking me out!

James has FINALLY learned when to say 'Thank You' and when to say 'Please'! A HUGE milestone for him!

Peter: I'm going to color a picture for Michaela's mom
James: Maa
Peter: NO. . .not OUR mom, Michaela's mom
Peter: NOO, Baby Boy - it's for MICHAELA'S MOM!!!!