Friday, March 6

My Weekend at The Lake

One of my girlfriends from church asked the gals in our LIFE Group Bible Study, if we would be interested in going to TN to stay the weekend at their Lake House. Just for fun. Just to relax. Just a PERFECT reason!
So, last weekend, 5 of us gals packed up and headed down south. I got a bit carsick, but quickly recovered after sitting in the front for the remainder of the trip. It was dark when we arrived, but we woke up to a beautiful view of God's creation that next morning!
We stayed up until 2:30 in the morning, just talking it up. It was nice to not have to worry about getting up early with the kids . . . and we got to sleep in as LONG as we wanted! Wonderful!!
This is the view of the Lake House, from Norris Lake.

We had all three stories to ourselves! There were three bedrooms downstairs (could sleep 8) with a full bath and a living room area. The main floor had an open floor plan including the kitchen, dining room and a large living room, with a deck. The entire upper level was the master bedroom with a full bath and whirlpool tub.
It was beautiful!!!!!

Here's Lisa in the Kitchen:

Leny, Lisa and Pam:

Leny and I, knitting:

On the second day there, we all went out on the Lake on Lisa's pontoon boat. It was a bit chilly, as you'll see!

Becky took this one of me. . . .we were goofing around!

Becky . . in her true form!

Even though it was cold on the Lake, it didn't take away from the magnificant view:

After our adventure, in 35 degree temperatures, we headed back to the House, mostly to thaw out!
Becky and I made a warm nacho soup (with Buffalo meat, none the less) and green beans with sauteed mushrooms and home made bread (from one of the ladies) and we just had a really enjoyable dinner, together. It was wonderful to say the least!
The next day we just took it easy. I took TWO showers, just because I could! We talked and drank our coffee and then packed up to go back home.
It was a most relaxing time! We have already made plans to go back in Spring!