Sunday, March 22

P & J

"You have a Peter and a James?!?!?? You should have another boy and name him JOHN! Then, you would have a Peter, James and John!!!"
- We have heard this over and over again! And, each person that tells us this, thinks that they are the first one to have thought of such a cleaver idea! Sorry, not so. Tim is set on the fact that we will probably have another boy, someday. I'm praying for a girl. But, we are going to wait a little longer until we try for baby #3. Until then, we are more than content and blessed with our 2 sweet boys. But, when we DO decide to have another one, I think that we should use a name that starts with the letter B. I like to simplify my life, and being able to call my children 'PB & J' seems like a good way to do so!


Becky :) said...

B is great! I am so honored that you want to name your child after me!!:)