Monday, March 23

Update on Job Situation

As our midway mark quickly approaches, Tim and I have been praying, earnestly, for a job interview. Tim received a call, last week, for a possible job 'call interview' and the manager assured Tim that we would receive a call, shortly, to set up that interview. Well, a couple days had passed, so Tim decided to take the 'plunge' and call them himself. While he was on hold, he heard the phone beep (which was the caller I.D. indicating that another call was coming through). He got the answering machine for the company that he was calling back, so hung up and answered the second line. It was ANOTHER job opportunity! THIS company was also local, and called to ask a couple of questions about Tim and his resume that they had recently received. God is GOOD! Tim finished with that call and called back the previous company, talked to the manager and has his first (official) interview THIS Wednesday, at noon.

Please continue to pray for our family,
as time is running out and jobs are starting to close.

Thank you all!