Monday, May 12

Happy Mothers Day!

We had a wonderful day on Saturday celebrating Mother's Day! Tim surprised me on Friday with a beautiful bouquet of red roses.
We decided to celebrate on Saturday, to beat the afternoon rush on Mother's Day. For dinner, Tim took myself and the boys to a very nice steak house called Chop House. I choose this restaurant because I KNEW they had a children's menu. We started with the stuffed mushrooms (personal favorite!) then I had a filet, sweet potato, salad and a yummy dessert to go! Peter loved his pizza, and Tim loved his T-bone steak meal. It was a wonderful evening with the family. Then, Tim took us all to Walmart, and I was able to get some great knitting supplies and yarn. The whole day was lovely, but one of my favorite parts of all, was Peter learning how to spell and write the word 'MOM' on his card for me, along with a plant that he put together for me during Children's Church.
Peter's Funny Moment of the Day: Tim was explaining to Peter about Mother's Day and Father's Day, since Peter knows us as 'Mommy' and 'Daddy', he was a bit confused. After he 'got it', he asked Tim, "Well, what about PETER'S-DAY??"


RDC CCC Mom said...

What a funny guy! So glad you were spoiled for your special day!