Friday, May 30


Here is a conversation between Peter and I.
Peter: "You went to a special doctor, a different doctor"
"When, Peter?"
"When you had a baby in your belly. . ."
"Yes, Peter, that's right, I went to a special doctor when I had a baby in my belly, and who WAS that baby?"
"It was Baby James!!! Just like James the train!! He's number 6. I can't believe it. . .they're like the same!!"

Later, in the grocery store. . . .

Peter: "Look, Mommy, I can ride THIS cart!" (the ones with the videos)
"No, bud, not today"
"Oh. . .we don't have any money?"
"No we sure don't, not today, no money"
"Yea, we need to go buy some money to do that"


Erika :-) said...

I love the conversations we have with our toddlers! They are just so much fun!

RDC CCC Mom said...


He is so creative! Wish we could just buy money...better yet, grow it in the backyard!