Tuesday, May 6

At the Park

We had a fun day at the park today. I packed everyone's meal, Tim got everyone's drinks, and we got in the van and headed to a local park. Here's Peter and Daddy enjoying there dinner...yummy!

I look like I'm eating alone, but I promise I wasn't! :0)

Not much for a baby to do at the park, but look cute and smile for the camera!

We didn't tell Peter where we were going until we got there, so we was super excited when he saw all of the slides and swing sets. He's getting pretty good at climbing on things now. He didn't fall once, which was bonus for Mommy! (I forgot to bring band-aids)

Here's one of my favorite pictures of that day.

After the park, we went to a pet store, and Peter got to see some mice, rats, kittens, a snake (his personal favorite), lots of fish and a little bunny. Then, Daddy treated us to ice-cream at Dairy Queen. Peter had such a blast!


Becky :) said...

Yeah! Fun!! I know why that picture of you and Pete on the red rock wall is your fav, YOU LOOK SO THIN!! You go girl!
Love you!

Susan said...

How fun! A few weeks ago we picked up some mexican food and took the kids to the park for dinner...and I didn't bring my camera. :-( Steve chided me for missing the chance to photograph (and later scrapbook) Riley's first trip to the park!!