Wednesday, January 9

Potty Up-Grade!

Peter picked up on a phrase that his best buddy, Noah, says after he goes 'poo-poo' in the potty, and that is the word 'Poo-poo snake'. Now, every time Peter goes to the potty, and has a big poo-poo, he yells "Mommy, I did a poo-poo snake!!!" Well, today, Peter must have thought that he exceeded his past potty sizes and yelled to me that he poo-pooed in the potty. I went in to congratulate him and to help him out, and I said "Wow, Peter, a poo-poo snake!" Peter replied, "No. . .it's a poo-poo dolphin!"


Becky :) said...

That is hilarious!! Noah is full of wonderful names for his poop. Today I told him that he did a good job when he poo-ed and I mistakingly said that he did a good job putting a big poo-poo in the potty and he quickly corrected me, saying, "No Mom, it is just a little tiny poo-poo". Apparently size matters to men from very early in life!! Who knew?

Jen said...

Must be a little boy thing because Jacob used that exact same term when he was younger!