Saturday, January 19

Happy 30th Anniversary!

My parents celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary on November 25, of this year. Unfortunately, we were still in the hospital, after James' arrival into this world. So, we finally got to celebrate it last night!!! David, Caralee, Tim and I took them out to the Cheesecake Factory the took them shopping. Dad got a German dictionary (of which he was very excited about. . .pitiful, isn't it?) and mom got all kinds of soaps and lotions from Baht & Body Works. Then, we each got a piece (extremely LARGE piece) of cheesecake to go, and came home for dessert, coffee and games. We had a blast!
We are really fortunate to have parents who have stayed married for so long and who love each other, and more importantly, love God. They are a prime example of what a marriage can truly be. Thanks mom and dad!