Monday, January 14

A Juicy Story

TIm made a pitcher of kool-aid yesterday, that is a clear flavored kool-aid. So, today, I asked Peter what he wanted to drink with his lunch, and he said "Juice!" I said "Well, we have two kinds of juice, I have apple juice and a special juice that Daddy made". He, of course, said "Oh . .the special juice". As I'm pouring it, I explained to him that this juice is different because it looks like water, but it tastes like juice. I told him it was 'tricky juice'. He drank it and told me that it wasn't 'stinky'. . .which he must have thought that I said 'stinky' instead of 'tricky' because later that day, he held up his cup to his Aunt Dee-Dee and said "Look Dee-Dee I had 'Eww yucky' juice today!"