Wednesday, March 17

Funny Catch-Up's

So, I'll catch you up - quickly - on some funny things that the boys have said or done . . . . .

James:  It took us about 2 months to get this kid to STOP eating our CHRISTMAS TREE!  If you've ever seen Elf the movie - he's exactly like Buddy when he kept stuffing cotton balls in his mouth, so quick, that his dad couldn't stop him - THAT'S James!!!  He would run up to the tree . . . stop in front of it, look at me.  I would say something like, "Don't you dare, Mister . . . ", at which point he would grab a handful of needles, yank them off of the tree and stuff them in his mouth and run!  Most of those times I got him to spit out at least half of the needles - the other times . . . well, let's just say it was good fiber!!  

Peter:  We have been having Peter sit with us during Communion service.  It is SO very important to Tim and I to raise these boys as Christ has called us to - in the Lord, loving and serving Him, His children and the world with the love of Christ and in mission to reach out to others.  I had the privilege of explaining to Peter what it meant to take Communion.  How this is very sacred.  What you need to do to be able to partake in it.  What it means, and so on.  He was so intrigued.  He noticed that the church people were taking the bread (aka crakcers) and the cup (aka juice) then bowing their heads.  Peter looked up at me with a concerned face and asked, "Since I'm not eating the crackers, do I have to close my eyes??"

James:  After going through (what looked like hundreds and hundreds) of amazing pictures of Aunt Eleanor, for her memorial service slide show - we came upon a couple of these - of TIM . . . guess who James takes after????!!!!????
 this is Tim

  this is James

(now - Tim was older than James at this point, but you just wait!! 
- we are going to get one that makes them look like twins!)

Peter:  He recently turned 5.  That's right - 5!!!!!!  One whole hand!  He's half way to double digits.  It frightens me and, at the same time, excites me to see what he'll be interested next.  To watch him play sports.  To see him go to school for the first time.  He's going to have a LOT of 'first time' experiences this year!  He asked for a Semi-Truck birthday party.  Do you know how hard it is to look for SEMI TRUCK THEMED PARTY SUPPLIES!?!?!  I'll tell you. . . . impossible.   I found construction truck themes, monster truck themes, fire truck themes - NO semi-truck anything!  So we made up our own version!  . . .. for starters - as in tradition in our home - and birthday boy gets to pick out which flavor of cake he would like - so, Peter picked Strawberry (which is REALLY good, for those of you who are ever looking for a good quick dessert to make!!).  So, he got his Semi-Truck - ALL eatable - Birthday Cake!

He loved it!!!  He wanted the front grill and a tire for his first piece!

 . . . . more to come!!!


Chloe and Libby said...

Wow!!!! James does favor Tim! :)
I absolutely loved Peter's cake, that was awesome looking!!!
I enjoyed all the captions as well, they always make me smile when I read about your family. Thanks for sharing.
PS Happy Belated birthday Peter!!