Friday, March 26

Funny and Not So Funny

So, we get the kids' Easter pictures taken, and at the photo shop the photographer was talking about how much Peter and James looked alike.  I chimed in with this comment . . .

"Yes, they do - except they have completely different personalities, different hair styles and different fathers"

 . . . no one laughed.  Obviously, that was only funny to me!

I had to quickly announce that I was joking.

It really made me think, however, about how truly blessed I am.  Blessed that the man that I fell in love with 12 years ago is the caring and involved father to my children and a faithful, loyal and loving husband to me.  To see our decision, to live pure before marriage, as a good decision, and to be able to experience all of the many wonderful and amazing blessings that have come from that decision.


Just wow.


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So glad you guys have each other Steph!