Monday, January 4

Special Memories

James' BIG gift this year:

Daddy put this horsy together - it took a long time, but it was well worth the wait.  James did not get off of this horse for the first 2 hours of getting it!  He absolutely ADORES this thing!

James' RE-GIFT:

Tim and I decided this year, that we were going to re-gift at least one toy for James.  Seeing as he is still pretty young, and that he is starting to enjoy all of the same things that Peter does, we wanted to give him a toy that Peter 'outgrew' - something JUST for James to play with.  It was PERFECT!

Peter's Lego's:

This year was the first year Tim and I have even ALLOWED small lego's in the house - with a 2 year old that eats EVERYTHING, we wanted to wait until the right time.  Peter has such a great imagination and loves to build things, so this really was the perfect gift to give him this year.

Our Christmas Tree:

Tim is famous for the obscene about of lights he puts on our real tree's every year.  And, this year - was NO exception!   I think we started a new tradition this year too - Tim asked Peter to help him strand all of the lights on the tree - instead of using my help.  I made some popcorn and Tim let Peter stay up extra late with him until they were all up!  Peter really felt special being the 'chosen' one for such a large task!

Our Cards from Friends & Family:

Tim and I like to display all of the pretty Christmas cards that we get each year.  We actually received more than what's shown - in fact, our hallway door is almost covered from top to bottom with Christmas cards - it sure is an easy way to decorate the hallway!!!


Chloe and Libby said...

Loved all the Christmas stuff.