Tuesday, January 5

Funny Quote #152

Peter and Daddy played on the wii last evening, while I spent a couple of hours catching up with a good friend at a coffee shop.  I came home after bedtime, so Tim brushed their teeth, PJed them up and read them their bedtime story all before I got home.  Tim told me about how much fun he and Peter had playing the wii resort together and how good Peter was doing on the game. 
That next morning, during breakfast, I said to Peter, "So, Pete, Dad told me how much fun you guys had playing on the wii . . . Daddy said you're doing really well!"
Peter responded, "(sigh) Yea, we did . . .. but, it's a long story . . . we'll talk about it later"


Chloe and Libby said...

Ever the one for drama!!! LOL!!!