Wednesday, February 4

The 'Bible Answer'

This last Sunday, during Sunday School, Peter's teacher was teaching on Ananias and his wife, Sapphira. She talked about how they lied to God. (found in Acts, chapters 4 & 5)
Peter is a little boy who LOVES to answer questions, raise his hand, be the helper, anything to get attention. He doesn't have any older siblings, so he's used to that attention at home. Very often, Peter and I end up having the 'pop-corn talk' about SHARING the attention with the rest of the children, before each Sunday School. So, when the teacher asked the children a question about the Bible story from that day, no-one was raising their hands to answer, so it was obvious that the children didn't know the answer. Peter's teacher, then, turned to Peter and said, "Peter? Do you know the answer?"
After some moments of intense thinking. . Peter replied, "Um . . . praise the LORD?"

. . .funny part, I think the answer was supposed to be 'sin', but he gave a great 'Bible Answer'!


DrMommy said...

Aah, first children! Emma also has difficulties keeping answers to herself, even when she's not the one asked the question!

If we had a nickel for every time we asked Lil a question and Emma answered for her -- no wonder the kid didn't talk until 18 months!

A common sound in our house is,
"Is your name Lily? Then why are you answering??"