Friday, December 5

Slashing Slang

This morning, I went to my Ladie's Bible Study brunch and we had a wonderful speaker who was a missionary in a 2nd-World Country. She had teased about the language barriars and how the children there had picked up on some of our 'American' slang just before they left to come back to the States.
Today, I also had a first hand experiance with that. I really need to start thinking BEFORE I speak. . .especially with my very bright 3-year old son around!

Peter: "Look Mommy. . . . (I'm in the shower), it's a Grandma McQueen!"
Mom: "What is, honey?"
Peter: "This. . . look!"
I opened the shower door to see his Lightining McQueen (from CARS) with two tires over his eyes.
Peter: "SEE??. . .it's his glasses, just like on Grandma Shapper!" (Grandma Shaeffer)
Mom: "Ahhh. . . .a 'Grandma McQueen'!!!! You kill me, Peter"
Peter: "No. . . .I didn't kill you!"
Mom: "No, sorry. . .that's an expression. It means you're really funny!" (oops!)
Peter: "Oh. I don't want to kill you, Mommy"
Mom: "I know, Pete. . .and I thank you for that"


DrMommy said...

Love it! Hope you all are feeling better!! I was actually feeling a little lousy myself on Friday, so I was relieved when you cancelled!

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