Saturday, December 13

Our Christmas Tree

We put the ornaments on our tree this evening. We have had our tree up and lights on for about a week now, but we were waiting to put up the ornaments until we could ALL do it, as a family. Peter was so excited, because this was the first year that we have let him 'help' putting the ornaments on the tree.
I made some hot chocolate for all three of us, and Tim starting pulling out all of the boxes full of ornaments.
Here's Pete with his chocolate face!

Peter got to put all of the 'lighter' ones on, and some other ones that Tim and I picked out for him to put on. One by one they went up, each one had a different story. A different memory behind them. It was so wonderful to explain each one to Peter. He sat and listened to each story.
This year, Tim let Peter put the Angel on the top of the tree.

He got out the ladder and hoisted Pete up there. He felt so priviledged!



DrMommy said...

Lovely!! We got ours on Saturday and decorated it Saturday night. The girls had those ornaments up in about 15 minutes! It's funny, because the top 2/3 has the ornaments all spread out evenly, but the bottom 1/3 (that they did) has one HUGE clump in the middle and it's bare on either side! Makes me chuckle every time I look at it!

Erika :-) said...

How fun!! We let Chloe put the star on this year and it was a lot of fun!!

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