Saturday, August 16

New Sitter

Well, for the FIRST time, ever, I had to hire a babysitter to watch Peter the other night. Tim was on his second shift and I needed to finalize some photo shots, so I called a spunky young lady at our church. She knows us and Peter really well, so it was a perfect evening for him!
She watched him for 2 1/2 hours, and they had SO much fun. Afterwards, while I was taking her home, she told me about some funny things that he had said to her.
She had her sweatshirt on, and was getting warm (he likes to run A LOT), so she started to take it off and he asked "What are you doing?" She replied, "I'm taking my sweatshirt off. . . .is that ok???" Peter said "Oh, sure. . . . .you're cute!"

Later, Peter was running laps around his train set and stopped and told her "When I growned up, I want to be a mother", then he went back to running around the trains. She kept asking him "You mean, you want to be a DADDY?", but he just kept running. Finally, he stopped running, put his hand up and said "Stop a second. . . .I need to do this" (running) What a weirdo!!!
After I dropped her off at her home, I called my mom to tell her some of those funny things he did and said. He heard me talking about it and corrected me. . . "Mom. . .she's cute AND pretty". Well, excuse me.
What a charmer. . . . . I think we're in trouble.