Monday, August 11

I thought I would post some pictures of our #1 guy. We tell him that he is our favorite 'first' son, it sure makes him feel special.

Our new thing that Tim and I are contemplating is sending this guy to school, preschool. He's getting bored at home and he is so excited about learning. He has started writing out some 2 and 3 letter words and he's sounding out words when Tim and I read to him. We are just afraid that he will be bored out of his mind at a preschool, since he knows most of the things that they would teach him in kindergarden. So, I have been going through some pre-kindergarden books with him and he's been picking up on things at a very impressive rate. We, obviously for being our first child, don't know the ins and outs of the schooling system, or if they have even changed in the last 25 years, so if there's any advice that anyone would have for us, we would sure appreciate it! Thanks!!!


Mackensie said...

That's a hard one - please post what you decide. On one hand - he could have great fun at school. On the other hand - if he becomes bored, he may think school overall is boring.

Jen said...

You're already doing a great job with Peter and it sounds like homeschooling might be a good option for your family. We love it and it allows the kids to work at their own individual pace. Plus, it allows our family lots of flexibility since Nathan's work schedule can be unpredictable.