Wednesday, December 5

Our First Snow Fall!

Well, it is December 5th and we had our first snow alert last night. It began a couple days ago, as just a 'light dust', then yesterday morning the news center was saying that we may get an inch or two, then last night they sent out an advisory for a snow alert. During one of James feedings, around midnight, it starting snowing and it hasn't stopped yet (it's 10:30AM now)!
Here's also some new pictures, we had an interesting day yesterday, Peter got sick on Monday morning, so I have learned VERY quickly how to keep one healthy kid and one sick kid far away from each other! He's doing much better now, and we've had a couple doctor appointments already. James is over 6 pounds already! Praise the Lord!!! He's in the 5% percentile for weight and his head size, but completely average for his length!!! What a riot! I keep having these tall babies!