Monday, December 10

Christmas Time!

Here's our Mantle, all decorated and ready for Santa! Peter was noticing something that I almost forgot this year. He said to me, "There's Mommy's stocking and Daddy's stocking and Peter's stocking. . .where's James' stocking????" Oops. . nothing like a 2 year old to keep track of things for you!
Here's some more of our Sweet Pea! One of my girlfriends bought this adorable Santa 'First Christmas' hat for James, and it actually fits! We like to use things as often as possible, especially when it fits on this boy!
Peter likes to put his train sets up and then crash into them with his 'Monsters Truck'. A couple days ago, I hear this. . "Mommy, help me. . I'm stuck!!". . . no kidding!