Sunday, November 11

More Peter Sayings

Peter's Uncle David came over one day for a visit and asked Peter where milk comes from. Knowing that Peter LOVES the farm, and especially loves milk, Peter replied "Um . . .from Cub Foods!"

"Look Mommy . . . I have my big-boy panties on!!!"

One day, we were getting ready to run some errands and Tim and Peter were already in the car while I was getting Peter's cup ready to go, and I filled it with some ice water. I showed him his cup to see if he was interested in it. He asked what was in his cup so I told him, "It's just water, Peter". He looked at me with the most sarcastic face that a 2 year old could muster, and replied, "Um. . . actually it's MILK!"

Peter and I went to the grocery store (and I am NOT able to remember ANYTHING at this pregnancy point in my life right now) and as we were passing the bread isle, Peter said "Mom. . .wait. . .stop the cart!!!" I stopped and watched him go over to the bread (the exact kind that we get every time) and grabbed it right in the front, squishing the first 3 pieces of the loaf, then threw it in the cart, probably squishing the last 7 pieces and said "I need this for my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches". What a smarty!