Saturday, April 10

Family Day!

Tim and I received a lovely card from a family at our church, for Easter, with money in it.  It was super generous of them!  Tim and I used about half of it for a date night - at a wonderful SIT DOWN restaurant and had a really nice time together, talking, eating SLOWLY. . without having to feed someone else first!  We took a stroll after dinner and stopped at a bookstore where I bought a baking magazine (one of my favorites!) and then we went into one of my favorite coffee shops - Caribou Coffee!  We sipped on a hot cinnamon latte walking around the outdoor shopping mall, and just enjoyed each other's company.  Later, in the evening, we stumbled by a store and decided to take a quick look to see if they had any nice Easter dresses.  I hadn't bought one yet, and I wasn't planning on it this year, but we thought we would look anyhow.  Not only did they have a huge selection, but I bought my dress and dress jacket together for only $47!  What a steal!!!   Nothing excites me more than a good sale!!!

We also wanted to have a family night with the boys.  So, the following day we had a couple of errands to run  - and the kids acted SO well.  We picked up some food at Wendy's and then headed to a local park.  The kids played for about an hour and really had a blast!  It was perfect weather too!!   After the park, we had one more errand that we had to run (a favorite of the kids . . . Sams Club) and then we topped off our evening with Cold Stone ice cream!!!

Peter, taking a picture of  . . . Peter.

James . . . . trying to copy the mad skills of his brother. 

Each of the boys got a scoop of Cotton Candy Ice Cream, both topped off with lots of sprinkles!  They ate every bite! (which is saying a lot for my boys, who dislike any form of dessert)  

It really was a perfect weekend!!!