Wednesday, December 30

Our Christmas!

Peter and James at Grandma and Grandpa Weldon's House - Christmas Eve

. .making a gingerbread house!

Christmas Day - At Grandma and Grandpa Shaeffer's House

Aunt Caralee had to step in and help Mr. James - or should I say Mr. Slowpoke!!!

Caralee - opening her gifts

(we took pictures of each other's gifts since we made our own bows this year!)

. . . I knitted her a blanket this year . . .

David - and the smallest playing cards in the world!

Tim - opening his presents!

December 27th - With Patrick and Catherine

James really loves his new bat!


Lizzy said...

Peter's face in the pic with the T-Rex is my favorite. Makes me fall for him all over again. ;o)