Wednesday, November 18

TIM HAS A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks be to our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ

We are SO proud to announce that Tim received a call today - from a recent employer interview last Friday - that TIM HAS BEEN HIRED!!!!

We are beyond ecstatic about this news and could not wait to share it with you all!
Thank you ALL for your many notes, letters, kind words, encouragement, prayers and support for our family during these last 9 months. It seemed long, but now that it is all over, Tim and I both looked at each other and "That wasn't SO bad!"
I had just talked to a longtime friend, yesterday afternoon, about the major difference between OUR idea of 'perfect' timing and GOD'S idea of HIS perfect timing. Tim has about a week and a half left of his unemployment 'income', and with the Holiday's quickly approaching, and because I teach piano, my regular income usually begins to dwindle due to vacations/weather, etc.

He starts MONDAY!!!!

. . . . so, this TRULY was the Lords' perfect timing!!!!

We will keep you all posted on our progress , here at the Weldon Home.
God Bless!


Chloe and Libby said...

So very glad to hear it Steph!!!! Please tell him congrats and give him a good hug for me for hanging in there. It took awhile, but I'm glad he has been hired. Hope it is something he will really enjoy doing as well. Send me a note sometime and let me know where it is ok?

Erika :-) said...

We are so excited for you!!

Anthony Esposito said...

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