Saturday, July 18

What they get JUST for being CUTE!

My MIL gave us a coupon for a new donut shop that just went up down the street from us. We had never heard of them before, but figured a 'Buy 6 - Get 6 Free' was too good of an offer to pass up - even if they were only so-so!
So, we ran a couple of errands and took the kids there after we were done. They walked in with there eyes big and mouths open

- they KNEW where WE were!!!

The lady at the front asked if they wanted a special surprise . . and filled two little bags with donut holes! The boys were SO happy! Peter and James both told her 'Thank You'! and Tim and I made our oder - amazing donuts!! I'm a 'fritter freak' and just LOVE the apple/cherry fritters . .and they had one that looked like a giant rose! It was so good! So, while we were wrapping up our order, the lady threw in another bakers dozen of the donut holes for the boys - what a special treat! She was super kind! We will definitely go back soon!


DrMommy said...

AAAH, Donuts. Is there nothing they can't do???

Jen said...

So what is this magical place called? I'm up that way all the time and would love to check it out!