Monday, November 17

The Feeling of Accomplishment!

This weekend was probably one of the busiest weekends I've had in a LONG time! Peter had gotten sick Thursday night, and I thought that was going to be the worst of it. . . .ahhh, not so much!

Friday: I had a early morning, starting with a doctor's appointment, then I cleaned the house and packed both the boys' things for a overnighter at Grandma's house. I had my best friends 30th birthday party at my house the next day, so I had to set everything up and make a potato chowder before I left for a Women's Retreat later that evening, where Kimberly and I were asked to lead song and worship for both days. So, I had a lot of programs, papers and music to get together and I had just enough time to run over to the UPS store and get some copies made of our Christmas Concert flyer's. Then, I met up with Kimberly, went over our plan of action for the evening, rehearsed some of our music, ate dinner at the center and then started our worship time. At around 9:30, Kim and I headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert and coffee. After a nice evening of catching up with Kimberly, we went back to our room to get some sleep before our next busy day.

Saturday: We had a early morning. Kim and I were asked to start our worship time around 8:30, so we had a quick breakfast and started our music portion of the day. We finished up the Women's Retreat, packed and checked out around noon. I ran home to finish up 'this and that' for Becky's party, made a tray of stuffed mushrooms and started my hot cider on the stove. The guest began to arrive promptly at 1:00 and we had a wonderful brunch with a small coffee bar, then we talked it up, played some games, had Becky open her gifts, made a fun craft and then had cake and ice-cream. It was a really nice time with all the gals! Becky was surprised and had a great time, as I did!
Happy Birthday Becky!!!

We then, drove (what seemed like) all night to find a Karaoke bar, but couldn't find one anywhere. So, we called it a night.

Sunday: I had to get up early to get ready for a long drive to Lewisburg, almost an hour drive from my house, to accompany Kimberly for special music at the Lewisburg United Methodist church. I left around 8:45 and got there around 9:40. And, because of my pit-stop, for gas, I missed our sound check. As always, we worked it out, sang our two songs and I played for a congregational song, and then I headed back home to record at the Moad's house (our small group family). I ate lunch at their house around 1:00, then did about a two-hour recording section. I ran home to get things ready for James' birthday party at 5:00. We were serving lunch for his party, so I had a couple of things I still needed to make. Luckily, his present from us was already wrapped, and I had already bought all of the plates/decorations/etc. We had James' 1st birthday party at 5:00 and it lasted until 7:00. We came home and, least to say, crashed. The kids went to bed on time and we had a nice time. . . sleeping.
. . . . . .but, not for long. At 5:30AM, Peter started yelling my name. Yep, he got sick. He continued getting sick through-out the rest of the morning, so we were out for the remainder of the day. I had a doctor's appointment that morning, at 8:40, so I went there and rushed back to help baby my Peter. And, even though I hate when my kids are sick, it was kind of nice just being able to stay home with my kids. Later that night, James starting getting sick too, so we had quit the weekend! Phewww. . . .we're done now and hopefully will be back on schedule here in the next day or so.


Therapy Mom said...

I'm exhausted reading this! That is amazing how much you jammed into the weekend! I hope you've had a restful 2 days. And love the snow picts...our snow didn't stick down here?!?!

Becky :) said...

Your life is too boring! I love you! Thank you for all you did for me last weekend and in prep for the big event! I love you!