Tuesday, April 29

Belly Blues. . .

Tonight, the boys and I went to my sisters apartment for dinner and later, some of her girlfriends were going to come over and visit. One of Caralee's girlfriends (Sami) is very pregnant with her first baby, and her husband (Josh) is Peter's hero. He LOVES his Josh. Well, ever since we started introducing the fact that Josh and Sami are going to have a baby, Peter has been a little uneasy about the whole notion. So, this evening, Sami asked Peter who was inside her belly, and Peter simply replied, "I don't know . . .I don't want to talk about it." Caralee thought she would throw him a loop and said, "Peter, what's in MY belly?" Without hesitation, Peter replied "Poop." I have NO idea what gave him that idea, but it was, I admit, kind of funny!


Here's a goofy picture of James, with his eyes closed!

If there's one thing that makes my boys a lot alike, it's the love and attention of a camera!

Another Night, Another Movie

Last night, our 'Movie Night Monday' was a Veggie-Tale Movie entitled 'The Wizard of Ha's'. We were having beautiful Spring/Summer weather and then it decided to take us all for a spin when it became cold and windy last night. I think the low was in the 30's. So, I got the boys to watch their movie in our bed, where we have our electric blanket. They were cozy!

Getting Ready. . .

Spring is here and we decided to clean our back patio and furniture off, so that we can start having friends and family over for cook-outs! Here's Peter helping out Daddy by washing off the chairs. . what a big helper!

Thursday, April 24

New Habits. . .dying off slowly

Peter has officially established his first bad habit. Biting his lips. I hope he did not pick this up from watching Mommy picking at hers, but either way, it's not a good one. The fist time I caught him doing this I put a band-aid over his mouth, but he looked so funny, we both ended up laughing until we both were in tears. So, I told him that the next time he picks his lips that he will have to get a spanking. Well, tonight was that 'next time'. When I asked if he had picked his lips, he said 'yes. . .but just a little bit' So, I had to explain to him that disobeying is disobeying no matter how 'big or small' it is. I did, however, commend him for telling the truth (which is a new struggle we are having with our 3 year old). While talking to Daddy tonight (who's at work) to say goodnight, this is what I hear Peter saying. . . "Hi Daddy! I stayed dry ALL day today, but there is one problem. . .I bit my lip. And I got a spanking, but I'm not gonna pick MY lips ever again! Goodnight Daddy, love you too, bye!" I loved how he openly admitted his faults by saying 'but there's one problem' - what a kid!

Monday, April 21

My Sweet Boys

Peter and James got some 'cuddle' time tonight. They were unwinding and watching a Praise Baby D.V.D., it has animals, babies and other things to Christian music. Peter loves it for the animals and music, James loves it, just because it's something pretty to look at.

Last Sunday, we were in church (we now have Peter in with us) and we all stood to sing 'God of Wonders', Peter looked at me and said, "Oh, Mommy, it's just like the one on my D.V.D.!!!" . . .and that's when I knew that he really does pay attention to these kinds of videos, and not just for the elephants and the cool pictures!

D is for Daddy

Peter, James and I were in the car getting ready to go to the grocery store, and Peter was working on his little letter toy machine. He loves that thing! Anyway, he told me that 'D' was his FAVORITE letter. When I asked why he said "Because 'Daddy' is my FAVORITE word!"

Monday, April 14

My Little Turn Over!!!

James is turning over! He didn't want to waste any time either, he rolled from his belly to his back AND from his back to his belly. . .he's such an over-achiever already!

Learning Letters...

Peter has learned all of his letters, but is now learning how to DRAW them. We're also learning the difference of capital and lower case letters. He's doing really well and Tim and I are very proud of him!

Monday, April 7

I AM 'Very New'

Peter and I have this little thing that he and I do at night. After I put him to bed, he usually asks if I can be with him for a little bit. So, I snuggle next to him in his bed, and we make up stories (usually about Lightening McQueen, on the Cars movie). I always start the story and then we say 'your turn' and the other person picks up from where the story was left off. Tonight he wanted to make up a story about Daddy. So, I started. "Once upon a time, Daddy had to get up and work on taxes on his computer. . . .your turn!" Peter said "And I had to get up, but I was very very new, Daddy is NOT new like me, he's very very old" What a stink rat!

Nap Time With Daddy

Both Boys & T.V.

James, even though only 4 months old, is enjoying Television already. So, he and Peter stayed in my bed during the entire Cars movie! It gave me a nice break (and some cute pictures!)!!